Friday, February 12, 2010

Mourning McQueen: A Senseless Suicide

At the risk of sounding like another whiny platform-clad fashion student at the NYFW tents...I must admit I'm devastated by the news of Alexander McQueen's suicide.

His designs set the tone for fashion since the early's sad to think the young designer's inspirational force will never again affect the global aesthetic.

But, instead of writing another obit commemorating the iconoclastic Brit (I did this already for Slant yesterday...), I'm just going to rip some photos that instill pleasant memories of McQueen's visionionary and pervasive influence...

McQueen & Isabella Blow, Vanity Fair March 1997

McQueen's “Oyster Dress,” from Spring/Summer 2003. Ivory silk chiffon and silk organza.

From his Spring/Summer 2008 collection, in honor of Issy Blow after her suicide in May 2007.

The infamouse Armadillo shoes from Spring 2010.

Theatrical gothic at the Fall 2009 runway show.

A brighter vision in Spring 2008.

Out of this world...Spring 2010's Avatar-inspired collection.

Alexander McQueen...1969-2010. You will be missed.