Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A note to Alexander Wang

I will preface the note below by mentioning that every day I see  beautiful vintage pieces of clothing, jewelry and accessories as a part of my job. I get paid to work in a very, very, very big closet. And I love it.

And, I often see things that I think certain designers should immediately buy and use for their own work. Sometimes a textile, a belt, a necklace, etc., calls to me and I answer.

Today I am writing to Alexander Wang to I release some of my inner inspiration (angst?).

Dear Mr. Wang,

I have never met you, though it is not  too crazy to think that perhaps our paths will one day cross. 

I have just unwrapped several Whiting & Davis mesh handbags that are probably more than 100 years old. The metal is worn, but not rusty, and the delicately broken down fibers are cool to the touch. In short, they are beautiful and amazing and just holding them in all their splendor sends a shiver down my spine. (Who once used this little purse to attend Victorian-era society parties? I ask myself.)

But I digress.

Since you're so set in your minimalistic ways, I'd like to propose the introduction of vintage W&D mesh into your next collection. Think: tanks, lined shorts, harem pants? Sasha Pivavarova and Aggy Deyn would rock that shit.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. 


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